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Welcome to Good Samaritan

Learning to Share God's Love with our Neighbors, Near and Far

Events coming up:

Diocesan Lent Day

9:30-3:00, Feb 24
Ashton Hall
Join us for a day of reflection and engagement with scripture as Megan McKenna leads us into the world of John's gospel and the texts that we will be hearing in the liturgy in the coming weeks of Lent.
The day will follow a workshop style, with story-telling and imagination flexing reflection from Megan and work for us to do as we engage the texts together.
Check-in, coffee and bagels will be available from 9am and lunch (12:00-12:45) will be provided.

Featured News:

The Forty Days of Lent

Forty days is a significant period of time throughout the Bible. Noah spent forty days and nights in the ark while the rain flooded the earth. Moses spent forty days on Mt. Sinai before receiving the Ten Commandments. Twelve spies from Israel spent forty days surveying the Promised Land. David endured the challenge of Goliath for forty days before killing the giant.