Good Sam Kids LIVE!

4:00pm Dec 6
Zoom Call

John the BaptistThis is our monthly virtual environment called Good Sam Kids LIVE!  We will be using ZOOM to have a fun interactive experience where we can all learn about God and the Bible together.  The program should last about 30-40 minutes and will include music, skits, and games along with a lesson from scripture.  Each month we will put together a "supply packet" that will include the materials for the crafts, a snack, and other things for each kid that participates.  These can be picked up at the church the weekend of the event.  (If you are not local, the form also has a place for you to enter your mailing address so we can send you the supplies.)

For December, we will be talking about John the Baptist, who is a major character in the stories we study during Advent. (Sadly, we were not able to make "locusts and honey" our snack...)

To sign up, you can click HERE or on the "sign up" button on this page.  The short form will register you (the parent) and we will send you the link and password for the call. 

(Note: You have to sign up EACH MONTH so we know how many supply packets to make and how many people to expect on the call!)

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email Kimberly or Jonathan!