Chapel Restoration: Letter of Expectation

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

I would like to use this letter to introduce myself, offer a description of the work to be done on the Chapel, and indicate what you may expect to have happen this spring and summer with regard to the work occurring.

My name is Thomas Johnsen, and I have been a member of Good Samaritan since 2016. I have been employed by the parish to undertake the construction of the improvements to the Chapel. The operations will commence in late February and be completed in August of this year. This letter serves to offer an understanding of the project timeline and expectations of this comprehensive undertaking. A synopsis of the work and site conditions are as follows:

February 27, 28, March 1, 2

You will see temporary construction fencing erected which will encompass the entire work zone around the Chapel perimeter from the entry ramp, across the front, down the Rt 30 side to the parish house, then across the back through the playground and ending at the rear stairs and lower doorway. This is to isolate the work area from unauthorized access and keep the site secure. The PVC fence in the rear will be disassembled as needed to facilitate the temp fence and I will coordinate the activity with Tad and the Day School when that time comes. There should be no inconvenience to the Day School other than the one day it takes to set up the temp fence. There will be signage for pedestrians to use the traffic crossings to get to the other side of Rt 30 so as to travel east and west, and secure entry points through the fence for authorized access. It is my intent to work Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm with Saturday work only as dictated by the project demands. There will be no operations on Sunday.

March 4 through April 12

We will be operating in the basement of the Chapel to excavate the dirt floor and install concrete floors and walls to shore up the structural condition of the Chapel. Initially, there will be access through the Day School, as is now the method, but in two weeks we will have a new opening from the exterior for ingress and egress, and the Day School entry will not be used for the duration of the project. The work in the basement is extensive and will involve machinery, trucks and a large labor force. There should be no concerns with the Day School, but the work will be loud at times and the steady hum of construction activity should be expected. If there is to be any operation which could impact the safety or integrity of the Day School space, I will notify Tad and the administration, and take added precautions as needed to insure safety.

April 15 through June 14

The bell tower will be encased in scaffolding and the roof replacement, stone pointing, millwork repairs and painting of the tower structure will be conducted. This will be a large undertaking and should not impact the daily use of the Day School but the Chapel use may be impacted as to daily use. If upon a thorough preliminary inspection it is determined by me that the Chapel should not be occupied at any specific time, I will notify Tad and the administration and act accordingly.

Note: Beginning on April 15 and ending on May 10, we will conduct the plaster remediation of the Chapel interior walls. It is my intention to keep this phase of the work on a small scope of men and equipment so as to be able at any time to “pack up” the work area and allow for the use of the chapel on the weekends. I expect this part of the job to take 4 weeks to work our way around the Chapel for plaster and then wait until June 17 to start the painting in the Chapel as I understand there is a wedding in early June. In any event, this part of the work can be scheduled to accommodate the weekend use of the Chapel. The daily use of the Chapel on these dates will have to be curtailed. I will coordinate with Tad and the administration closely on this. It is my opinion that the interior work will be the greatest inconvenience to the congregation and will be handled with the proper care and concern.

June 17 through August 9  

The scaffolding at the bell tower should be down and packed out. The stone pointing, carpentry work and painting on the exterior will continue throughout this time. With the plaster and painting of the Chapel interior complete, the altar panels will be repointed and repaired. Again, this interior work will be coordinated with the weekend use of the Chapel. The project should be near or at completion by mid-August, with substantial and final completion shortly thereafter. Once all construction operations are complete the temp fence will be removed, and the site cleaned and cleared of all construction activity. The final grading of the disturbed areas will be completed and the building handed over to the Parish for full use and occupancy.

It should be understood that any construction project has inherent inconveniences of noise, dust and debris, and the general annoyance of men and material operating in your space. Every method will be utilized to minimize the impact to the congregation and especially, Ben Capps and his family, who will have the work occurring right at their doorstep. In the event there is a security or site concern to be addressed, I would ask that you contact Tad and me directly to have the matter resolved. I only ask for your patience and prayers this spring and summer so we can provide for the coming generations of Good Samaritan parishioners, that which was provided for us by those generations who went before.

God bless this effort.

Thomas A. Johnsen