How to Belong

Come, Connect, Contribute Banner

The recipe for getting connected to our community is here:

  • Come
  • Connect
  • Contribute


Step one is to turn up.

Figure out which service you like attending and seems to fit with you. Decide if you'd like to make your home here. Be anonymous for as long as you like - but at the point where you'd like to belong, let us help you make some connections.

Visitors and newcomers are encouraged to visit the Welcome Table in the atrium (main entrance) or at the door of the chapel and introduce themselves to a greeter. In addition to receiving a small gift and printed material about the Church of the Good Samaritan, newcomers will have the opportunity to ask questions and fill out a Connect card. This helps us keep in touch with you and connect with you:

Fill out a Connect Form online



Filling out that card will help us connect with you. We will get in touch with you and help you navigate the areas of church life which you'd like to connect with or get involved with. We'll try and pair you up with another member of the church who will help you to get settled in and connected. Please don't feel that this is a one and done process. Get back in touch with a staff or vestry member or with any of the clergy at any time to help with the process of getting connected.

A great way to connect with people is to join our Alpha Course. Alpha is an introduction to Christian faith which runs as a weekly course over ten weeks at least every fall. It's a good way to brush up on the basics of Christian faith, or learn about the faith for the first time. It's also a great place to meet people who are newer to our community and to begin to find friends to accompany you on your journey of faith.

The best way to be connected on a longer term basis is to become part of a small group. There are mixed groups, men's groups and women's groups. Being part of a group where you can know and be known, and encourage each other in your faith, is the best way to be a part of our community. You can't know each of the hundreds of people who attend the 9am service - but you can know and relate to a small group of believers who are learning to do life together. We will help you to find a group to belong to.

If you’re not sure where God is calling you to serve, take a look at our Ministries Handbook, which contains a brief description of many ministry opportunities at the Church of the Good Samaritan.


Finally, step three is to contribute. Members of church who get involved in service within our community are a part of our shared life in a much deeper way than if they only turned up on a Sunday. Our contributions of time, treasure and talent connect us profoundly to the venture that we're committed to.

A great deal of the ministries that we engage in are described on the website. Do use the ministry pages here to connect with the ministry leader in an area of church life where you feel that you could make a contribution.

When we become a part of the team, we 'are' the Church of the Good Samaritan. It's us who are responsible for making it all happen. Whether it's occasional service as a greeter - or a weekly commitment to be a part of our food closet ministry; a monthly duty as an acolyte or a regular commitment to lead and nurture children - whatever it is, find a place of service and get involved.