Two Evenings with Chris Hall

Sept 17 & Oct 8, Sep 17
Zoom Virtual Meeting


LEARNING RESILIENCE: Two Evenings with Chris Hall

Certainly the past six months have been a very “heavy” time for all of us. The convergence of so many issues all at once can seem overwhelming. Think for a moment of issues related to the pandemic, health care, racial justice, economic stress, political discourse, education, and natural disasters. Our current context, individually, nationally, and globally, is difficult in so many ways.

LEARNING = apprehending, assimilating, training, comprehending, studying, 

RESILIENCE = durability, tenacity, buoyancy, elasticity, toughness, adaptability

There are invitations and resources from God for each of us and all of us in the midst of these difficult circumstances. Join Chris Hall (via zoom) as he encourages us these two evenings. 

Chris Hall currently serves as President of Renovaré. Previously Chris was Director of Academic Spiritual Formation and Distinguished Professor of Theology at Eastern University. Chris is the author of a number of books, including The Mystery of God (with Steven D. Boyer; Baker Academic), Reading Scripture with the Church FathersLearning Theology with the Church FathersWorshiping with the Church Fathers (InterVarsity Press), and The Trinity (with Roger Olson; Eerdmans). His most recent book is Living Wisely with the Church Fathers (Intervarsity Press). Chris and his wife Debbie reside in Philadelphia. They have three grown children.