How to Give

Give Online

Smart Giving Online

You can set up weekly, monthly or bi-monthly giving by credit/debit card or by ACH using the account details from your check book. ACH ('Automated Clearing House' - i.e. electronic check) incurs lower fees than card transactions and means you never have to worry about your card going out of date.

Creating a new giving schedule

To get started, click on the Smart Giving Online link above.

For a one-time gift:
Enter the contribution amount and select the relevant fund. Select the desired 
giving date. If giving to multiple funds, click the + Another Fund button.

For a recurring gift:
Enter the amount of each individual contribution that will be ongoing.
If giving to multiple funds, click the + Another Fund button. Select the Give Multiple Times button.
Choose the desired frequency of giving (e.g. every week, every two weeks, every month, twice a month, every three months), and then choose the start date.

And finally, click the Continue button.

Enter account information: Enter your credit, debit, or bank account details.

Click the Give button: Follow the verification steps, if requested. A confirmation receipt will be sent to your email.

If you need assistance, Betsy Wolford is available to walk you through any issues or questions in setting up your online giving schedule. Connect with Betsy at or 610.644.4040, x214.
Betsy is also available for scheduled appointments during her regular office hours (Monday–Friday, 10 am–5 pm).

About Giving to Good Samaritan

Members of the Church of the Good Samaritan contribute in all sorts of ways to the life of our community. We think of these ways of contributing as gifts of time, talent and treasure. There are no obligations, only opportunities. But as we contribute, whether time, talent or treasure, we find that we begin to own the church as our family, our shared mission and a part of the way in which we offer God the worship of our lives.

Our giving is a fundamental part of our worship. Worship is about giving worth to God - and through the offering our gifts to God we express the reality that it all came from Him, belongs to Him, and that we simply offer Him what is already His. As we give, we place God in His rightful place in our lives. Giving is an effective way of countering the seductive myth that our money and abilities provide us ultimate security in this life. It reminds us that we are only stewards of the good things that God has entrusted us with.

The information on this page is particularly about financial contributions to the life of the church - but if you're interested in how to contribute time or treasure, please look at the Ministries page, or get in touch with us.

Regular Giving

Most people give regularly to the ministry of the church through direct giving from their bank accounts. The online smart giving (see link above) will authorize one time credit card donations as well as recurring gifts by credit/debit card or ACH transfers directly from your checking account. If you have already set up online giving through Realm you can continue to use that. It is also possible to make cash gifts using weekly envelopes, and if this is what you would like to do, please ask Betsy Wolford in the church office for the envelopes that you need. Some people prefer to take advantage of the benefits of gifts of appreciated stock. The letter with the information for stock gifts is here. We have an opportunity once a year - usually at the very end of November or beginning of December to make a pledge for our giving for the next year. This is both a way to help us build in our church giving as a part of our financial budgeting and also a way to help the church plan its budget for the following year. The 2024 Online Pledge Form is found HERE.

Planned Giving

Have you considered Good Samaritan in your estate planning? Just as we give a proportion of what we earn to support the ministry of the church, what about considering leaving a similar proportion of your estate? Apart from direct legacies, there are all sorts of creative ways in which you can plan your estate. Please contact Betsy Wolford for more information.