Our Local Community

Our work abroad and here at home is informed by the passionate conviction that God As the Church of the Good Samaritan we're committed to reaching out to our neighbors with God's love in practical ways. Whether that just happens through opportunities that come about in our own personal lives or whether it is through taking a part in one of the outreach ministries that we run as a church, each of us has places in our lives where God is able to call us to serve our neighbors with His love.

We also recognize that ministry is very much a two-way street.  When we reach out to a family in Uganda or on the streets of Coatesville, we too will be changed, transformed a little more clearly into the image of our Creator God.

It is only in our splintered world that we see spiritual and physical needs as separate. In fact, they are two sides of the same coin: word and bread of life, news of salvation and the tools to accept it, water in the desert, manna in the wilderness.

Knowing our own need of healing, we open our hands to this broken world in humility and with gratitude, offering who we are and what we have in the name of One who came into the world both to witness and to serve.

As you read these pages, we hope that you will consider where and when you also will be called to service, part of the great ongoing work of individual and corporate healing God is doing right beyond your door.