Resuming In Person Worship

Bring a chair and join us outside on Sunday morning, or come in the afternoon to evensong presented by the quartet inside church.

We will resume in person worship on Sunday, September 13. We invite you to join us at 8:30am or 11:30am for an outdoor service on the West Lawn or for Evensong inside the church building at 4pm. The livestream service will continue and will be half an hour earlier at 10:00am.

We know that most of you when you responded to our survey in July were planning on continuing to stay at home and were keen that the livestream service should continue. We honor and respect your decision to stay at home. While live attendance at that service is certainly possible, it will very much continue to be a service intended for the at home congregation, presented to camera and continue to include video content - so we think you'll have a better experience at one of the other three services.

Bring your own chair and your own refreshments

8:30am Will be a said Rite II service and communion will be offered as bread only. Please bring your own chair. There will be an opportunity to gather with other members of the congregation at a safe social distance following the service, so you might like to bring your own breakfast to enjoy following the service with other members of Good Sam.

11:30am Will be a very simply liturgy following the New Chapel format. Please bring a chair and some lunch to enjoy following the service.

Evensong - a traditional Anglican service with beautiful choral music

4.00pm Will be a rite I evening prayer service, with much of the liturgy presented by the choral singing of the quartet. No admission to church without a mask and seating will be socially distanced within the sanctuary. Please use the main door with the automatic entry so that you do not need to touch any surfaces. If the weather is good, you might like to bring refreshments to enjoy on the lawn following the service.