Parish Nurse

Susan Starke

Our Parish Nurse is Susan Starke, MSN, CRNP. Susan has been at the Church of the Good Samaritan since January 2007, continuing a ministry that began here in 1999.

Parish nursing combines ministry with the art and science of nursing, ever mindful of the strong connection between faith and health. Churches are, and have always been, places of healing. Through the church, we understand the meaning of health: harmony of body, mind and spirit while living in relationship with God and with each other. The ministry of the parish nurse strives to make a difference in peoples’ lives through health promotion, illness prevention and support during difficult times.

Some of the active ministries that Susan oversees are Friendly Visitors, Walking the Mourner’s Path (a grief work program), Caring for Caregivers and the Meals Ministry. 

Susan is in regular contact with parishioners who have health needs and those who are unable to travel due to those concerns.

When to call the Parish Nurse

Contact Susan:, 610-644-4040 x207