Christmas Narrative

The twelve days of Christmas, perhaps more popularized by the seasonal carol than the liturgical season, hold within them a certain kind of magic. This short season is marked by the birth narrative of Jesus Christ, including the events leading up to his birth, and beckons us to enter into the story with a kind of awe and wonder. Awe and wonder are certainly appropriate postures when reflecting on the birth of Jesus.

Only Connect

This Fall we are launching ‘Vision 2020’ – a description of where we’re hoping to grow as a church over the next two years. It can be summed up in one word: Connection.

Christmas @ La Trinidad

The Church of the Good Samaritan has had a long relationship with the Anglican La Trinidad Church in Cochabamba, Bolivia and its pastor Rev. Tammy Firestone and husband Rusty.

A Tale of Two Campuses...Soon to be One Campus!

As you all know, Nick and I have been serving on two different campuses and worshiping at two different churches since before we got married. Though we love our students and congregations, our current set up isn't sustainable for the long term. 

Good Sam's Partnership with CCO

For the last three years, Good Sam’s Missions Committee has funded Kylie Garrety’s work with CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach).

Missionaries & Medical Providers in Niger

Steve and Nancy Brown are one of Good Samaritan’s longest financially supported ministries. Through their lives and work, they spread the gospel in what sometimes can be a challenging environment.

Beautiful Lives

Our vision as a church over the next couple of years is about connection. We want to learn to be more effective at connecting people to one another and to Christ.