Keeping a Holy Lent

How are you planning to keep Lent? If you don’t think about it, what will stop Lent being just like any other time of the year? If, like me, you value this period in the year as a divine gift - an opportunity for spiritual renewal - then make a plan. Now is the time to plan what you’ll be doing in Lent, not in a couple of weeks when the season is underway. As they say - failing to plan is planning to fail... 

Chapel Restoration: Letter of Expectation

Dear Fellow Parishioners, I would like to use this letter to introduce myself, offer a description of the work to be done on the Chapel, and indicate what you may expect to have happen this spring and summer with regard to the work occurring.

News from Ninos

Ninos’ International Director, Tyson Malo – who has often visited Good Samaritan – is excellent in keeping us informed not only of what is happening with Ninos and their children, but also the ways our financial suppo

Julie & Phillip S.

Much of Julie and Phillip’s work in the last few years has been to determine a best business endeavor that can not only provide income, but also serve as a base for broad contacts to spread their message of faith.

Ron & Nicky Irene in Paraguay

Fr Ron’s work in two churches, a church school, and service to the diocese keeps him more than busy. Nicky teaches to help out financially and also nurtures the family as well as the local parish.

Get On Our Lawn

Get On Our Lawn is a series of open air events that will be held, you guessed it, on our lawn. They will be designed to create fun, low key environments, that are family friendly, and easy for people to invite others to.


Becoming More Intentional About How We Connect With Our Neighbors & Helping Them Connect With Good Samaritan