Change the World

Several years ago, we created the Change the World fund to quickly respond to disasters around the world.

It’s goal is to have money available to respond quickly with financial support. Several clear plastic world globe banks were made available around the church. The globe banks were the reason for the fund's name: Contribute your 'change' to Change the World. If you have one at home, please bring it to the office so that it can be emptied for another use.

The Vestry assigned responsibility for the administration of Change the World to the missions committee. Although the committee's recommendation to donate relief funds is subjective, it is made with a few key guidelines in mind. The need must be related to some unanticipated disaster and for direct use toward such relief by an agency or organization. Priority is given to Christian-based agencies providing the relief, with special consideration to ministries we already support, such as Water Mission.

In 2019, the Change the World fund provided $5,000 to Water Mission for their relief to an African cyclone disaster. This year, with $7,000 in the fund, the committee provided financial relief of $5,000 to the Diocese of Bolivia and missionary Tammy Firestone. The bishop of Bolivia had requested assistance to purchase much needed materials to help his people combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tammy Firestone and her family had just left their missionary work in Bolivia and were in California living in a mountain home generously provided for their temporary transition. The recent wildfires in California totally destroyed the home and all their possessions other than the clothes on their backs and a few important documents. Change the World funds were sent, via SAMS missionary agency, to help get them back on their feet.

As the Change the World fund is not a budgeted program, it depends totally on congregational financial support. Members can contribute by picking up one of the "globes" from church and fill it with change (folded bills are also welcomed!)  and return to the church office. Donations can also be made directly to the church, making sure they are earmarked for the Change the World fund. We can only respond to disasters quickly when there are sufficient monies in the fund. With $5,000 of the fund's balance of $7,000 dispersed this month, we can obviously use your support.