Dear Friends and Family

Keeping a journal or diary has never held my attention for long. I begin them in earnest but before long they are put on the shelf until the next nudge and attempt. I prefer to read books and underline important lines for further thinking. However, when I am not able to be with friends or see family, or gather with you for worship, notes and letters become a very important way to keep in touch. So, I greet each of you as friend, brother/sister in Christ, the Lord’s beloved. We are Christ’s Body, each of us pulled towards him as one. We are in Christ together. Praise be to God!

A few things have been moving me along this past week as I thought about writing to you. One is the simple and reflective words of Saint Richard of Chichester (12 c.).

O, dear Lord three things I pray: to see thee more clearly, to love thee more dearly, to follow thee more nearly… day by day.  

I believe these words came to me because I needed to hear them. And, I need to follow through what they mean for me, and to bring them to you. This is not a homily or teaching, but a sharing from this yearning heart of mine.

What does it take I ask myself to see the Lord more clearly, to love the Lord more dearly and to follow Him more nearly?

The psalmist helps me out here: Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him (Psalm 37:7 New American Standard).

I am up to 10 hours of sleep some nights. However, resting before the Lord is something more powerful than a good night’s sleep, important as that is. Rest in the Lord is stopping or slowing down in my own thoughts, my own wishes, my own everything to see what the Lord is doing, what the Lord is saying, what the Lord wants and to follow his lead.

I need that rest now because a kind of numbness has crept in with the world exploding before my eyes and ears. Hearts are broken, lives are wasted, the noise is deafening, and there seems to be no rest EXCEPT in the promise of the Lord. And, it follows that if I am to rest in the Lord, I wait patiently so that I can see and to know the desires of God’s heart for me.

When we served over in Honey Brook at St. Mark’s, the staff (when not busy with work of course) would watch from the back window to see if ‘our’ bald eagle could be sighted. One day we realized that the eagle was perched in a tall, secluded pine tree at the corner of the church property. He made his home with us and one fine day brought his mate to build a nest.

Majestic, powerful, soaring effortlessly, the eagle is a beautiful sight. The prophet Isaiah used this marvelous creature to tell us something majestic about our God.

Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.
They shall mount up with wings as eagles.
They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint…

Eagles are powerful creatures. They can soar because they wait until the wind is just right before stepping into or mounting, the wind to fly and soar. Eagles instinctively know to wait, to be patient, and when to go with the power of the wind.

 I want to wait on the Lord to not grow weary, not go numb, but be renewed in the Lord’s strength day by day so that I can take God’s Holy Spirit wind to carry me through the trials in life. That is for me dear ones. That promise is for Christ’s own. God’s strength, God’s wind is our hope.

Take my life Lord. Let it be consecrated, Lord to thee…
Take my moments and my days. Let them flow in ceaseless praise…

Be well friends and Good Sam family. I send love to you in Christ.