December 2020 Vestry Corner

Our meeting opened with a reading of Isaiah 9:2, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light”. As always, all present shared what God brought to mind. Jesus’ birth is the light of the world, Jesus is the light in our lives, a light in our hearts, and his ever presence in our lives through all situations. He is the very essence of our Christmas Season!

In this very challenging year Good Samaritan’s budget has remained on track, but non-pledged income has dropped for November. The PPP loan has been forgiven, which was used in accordance to the Federal rules.

The Day School has been operationally solid and it was noted that there were no Covid cases reported. There are some financial income concerns due to reduced attendance/income, but hopefully things will get back to normal this coming year.

Action items included Clergy off-site housing allowance, which was approved, and the approval of the Vestry nominees presented by the Nominating Committee.

The Vestry was also called upon to discuss the Christmas Eve Worship logistics. I would like to note that this was another example of candid, heartfelt discussion by the vestry. Do we have an online service only or do we also have a 5:00pm in person service? Each viewpoint was well represented and discussed. This was a difficult discussion for all. Everyone deeply misses being together as a congregation and this desire is even more felt for the Christmas Eve service. The health risks of a service were presented and after discussion the majority was that we should only have online service on Christmas Eve. Fr. Richard listened to all opinions and as Rector has the final say.

There will also be a continuation of parishioner calls by vestry to members to stay in touch during this time of isolation.

On Behalf of the Vestry,

May we celebrate and experience the light of Jesus this Christmas Season.