Dinner and a Question Series

One of the key areas that Church of Good Samaritan is concentrating on as part of our “Connecting in Christ” campaign, is our INVITE focus.

We know that most people who come to our church and come to the Christian faith, do so because they received a personal invitation from a friend or family member.

The reality, however, is that inviting someone to a Sunday worship service can be intimidating. For some, the barriers that exist to walking into a church on a Sunday morning are insurmountably high.

questionThis issue prompted us to create the “Dinner and a Question” series.

This March we will launch a series of events titled “Dinner and a Question” (D&Q) that will be designed to provide a low key, but quality experience that will be easy for people to extend an invitation to friends and family - whether they are familiar with the church or not. Each event in the series will feature a catered meal with appetizers, drinks, dessert and light entertainment followed by a thoughtful talk on a relevant topic that will appeal to a broad range of people whether they are committed to the Christian faith or not.

On March 2 from 6:30-8:30pm we will host the first of these events. The evening will begin in the church atrium with appetizers, drinks, and light entertainment, and will continue in Walton Hall with a seated main course.

Dinner will be followed by a compelling talk by Dr. Tony Campolo; Dr. Campolo will address our question for the evening, “How do I live a Regret Free Life?” Following Dr Campolo’s talk, Rev. Ben Capps will interview Dr. Campolo asking him to connect some of his own faith convictions with the topic of living a regret free life. The evening will conclude by 8:30pm.

Future events will happen this summer, fall and winter. Dates TBD.

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For this event to be successful, we will need you to consider a few things:

  • Who might you invite? Who are the friends or family in your life who would benefit from coming to an event like this? How might this be the beginning of your conversations with them about their faith?
  • Would you be willing to lend a hand? We will need some people to help us with food, decorating the space, and other logistics, as well as people to simply be “Table Hosts” who will be welcoming and engaging faces at the event.

Do you have questions? Are you able to help in some way?

Contact Rev. Ben Capps at Ben.Capps@good-samaritan.org