Photos of the Chapel Restoration Project

The first photo is before the plaster repair, the second is after. The third is of the scaffolding around the bell tower. All PECO power lines were de-energized. Fourth is of the cedar shakes on the bell tower, they are not in good condition! 

The first photo in the second row is of the plaster remediation, then one of the upper dormers, the third photo is of the new door, primed and ready for its Episcopal Red coats of paint. The next is of the rotting wood trim on the vestibule, which will be replaced and painted a rich brown.

The first photo in the third row is of the east side mortar joints, which have been repaired seven times in the history of the chapel. The next photo draws attention the condition of the plaster before repair. The next two photos are of the bells in the bell tower.

Photo credits: Barb Hohorst & Dave Weightman