Renovaré's "The Reservoir"

Renovaré recently published a 15-month devotional "The Reservoir." When it was introduced it was rated the #1 Christian devotional on Amazon! Designed for both individuals and small groups, "The Reservoir" was written by Renovaré team members including Good Sam parishioner Chris Hall, and Carolyn Arends. The first part of the devotional covers foundational questions—What is spiritual formation? What is my picture of God? What is my picture of myself? It then moves into the six great Christian traditions outlined by Richard Foster’s book "Streams of Living Water." More on their website

Chris Hall shares this personal message about the book:

Dear Good Samaritan Friends,

Renovaré has just released "The Reservoir", a 15-month devotional written in partnership with the disaster relief organization, "Food for the Hungry". The Reservoir has now been edited for a wider audience. It has already helped the worldwide staff of "Food for the Hungry", and been translated into a number of languages. I encourage you to get your own copy. It is available on Amazon under "The Renovare Reservoir." Jesus so desires us to be more deeply formed into his image, and The Reservoir can help you in this wonderful process. Blessings, Chris Hall

reservoir cover

The first of September, I (Keith Dodd, head of the Missions Committee) started using "The Reservoir" as a key part of my morning devotional time. It is a bit unique as one can start at the beginning of the book with Month One regardless of whether it's actually January, September, or any other month – simply begin with Month One. Also, it is designed as a Monday through Friday devotional rather than the usual seven-day week. It appears to be critical (or at least more valuable) to read in the outlined sequential manner: Month 1, Week 1, Monday, and so forth as it is designed for users to build a "reservoir" for our spiritual growth. Although not quite through Month One, I am finding its brief structure packed with meaning and thought. Each day's entry contains a quote, a thought, scripture passages, and questions for reflection or devotion. While it is tempting to treat the thought-provoking questions as ones to give a ready answer to, I find that at least one of the questions will stay with me during the day or longer. I find using "The Reservoir" very meaningful.

Chris Hall also sends along these prayer requests for Renovaré. Please pray:

  • for continued protection from spiritual attack. Renovaré is experiencing a time of blessing (I hope it continues for the next fifty years!), but with every extension of the kingdom there is always stiff resistance from the forces of evil.
  • for Renovaré staff and ministry team members for protection and healing from physical illness. It does seem that frequently at least one person or another is feeling under the weather. This could be related to our first request for protection from spiritual attack.

"The Reservoir" is available for purchase on the Renovaré websiteyou can also get a free download of the first month, and on Amazon.