Ron & Nicky Irene in Paraguay

Fr Ron’s work in two churches, a church school, and service to the diocese keeps him more than busy. Nicky teaches to help out financially and also nurtures the family as well as the local parish. This past summer a team from our missions committee visited the Irenes and reported on the good work they are doing and set up avenues to use some of the Alpha materials in their work there. They have started a marriage group using the Alpha course that the team provided. They meet every Tuesday and ask us to pray for this new marriage ministry.  They are also working to get the actual Alpha course started soon. Materials the team sent for the children’s Sunday school are also being used and have been well-received.

Over the last seven to eight months, Nicky has struggled with serious health issues, and just before they were to begin a January sabbatical, on December 19, she was hit by a motorbike and left unconscious with brain injuries and a concussion. Ron writes: “Thank God that Nicky had no serious fractures and is recovering well!” He continues with thanks for our continuing financial support in 2019: “Nicky is still recovering; but she is still unable to work for at least a few more months. Your support is especially appreciated at this difficult time! God is good!”

The Irenes had planned to take the full month of January for a much-needed sabbatical of rest, recuperation, and relaxation; however, the accident, along with its expenses, made that impossible. However, with the financial gifts from some Good Samaritan parishioners and others, they were able to carve out a “mini sabbatical” in Bolivia. There they enjoyed spending time with Ron’s family and were able to rest in a lovely hotel for a few days. They returned to Paraguay and their work in time for the new school year that started in February.