Rooted In Jesus Update

We had a very good first day. There were about 120 participants which is a much better sized group that the 170 that Emmanuel thought would be there. It’s still very large for the workshops and our demonstration lesson that we did on the first day - but manageable.

It has been great to have Rev Benjamin Kibara on team. Benjamin works for the Diocese of Butere, and is their Rooted in Jesus coordinator - so Rev John Eldridge and I know him from when we introducing Rooted in Jesus in his Diocese three years ago. His voice is a vital voice of testimony, experience and wisdom to the Diocese there. It was good to hear that Butere have run more than 700 Rooted in Jesus groups since we introduced them to the program three years ago. The principle of a multiplication of disciples where those with leadership gifts in discipleship groups are encouraged to lead their own groups is alive and well in Butere. Having Benjamin here to share the powerful testimony of the impact of this program on their Diocese is extremely impactful.

John, Benjamin and I is in some respect the old team back together - and great to see them both. Rev Morey Andrews has not met any of us before, and has slotted right in with the team. He gave a great talk and led our ministry time together today on God’s love.

A hitch in our programming today was food. Lunch was in the program for 12:30pm, but by 2pm (when we were due to reconvene) they were still not ready. So we ran the workshops (on Leading a Rooted in Jesus group, Pastoral Care and Prayer) on empty stomachs and had lunch at 3:30pm before our ministry time. Everyone was extremely tolerant and patient! There is a tremendous amount of rain in Kenya at the moment (unseasonably - it’s quite a source of concern for the crops) and the noise at the end of the day on the tin roof of the cathedral was deafening to the point that it was impossible to hear anything. Thankfully ministry had ended and we were wrapping up with local planning in Archdeaconary groups - but even with people close to one another it was tough.

Prayers for the team - for continued good health. For rest and refreshment for John and Richard who are both very tired (Morey has boundless energy!) Prayers for the logistics of food and rain for the rest of the conference. Prayers for engagement with the material in the course, and especially for those who will be trying out leading practice groups tomorrow.