Steve & Nancy Brown in Niger

In addition to Steve and Nancy’s direct Christian outreach and witness, a humanitarian and medical ministry has been establishing and running the Danja Fistula Center. The center treats women suffering from a humiliating condition, fistula, which results in serious and ongoing incontinence. The condition is common in many underdeveloped areas of the world. For more on fistula, see a PBS News Hour feature  and a medical summary: What-is-a-Fistula.pdf.

Providing these services and administering most for several years has taken a physical and emotional toll on Steve and Nancy. With the emotional support of SIM personnel, they have decided to take leave of their work in Niger and spend a year in the States for rest, recuperation, renewal, and quiet time to discern God’s will for the next phase of their lives. At this stage they do not know whether taking leave of Niger will be temporary or permanent. A major challenge for these last few months is to do all they can to ensure that what they have started will continue. This involves re-defining the organization and training any available replacements. All this is made more difficult because a cloud of financial uncertainty hangs over the fistula center. Some last-minute funding makes it possible to finish out this year, but sufficient funding for 2020 is questionable.

Recently, they sent their periodic newsletter Niger Nomad News. They provide many of the details to the above synopsis as well as plans for their year’s absence. They also share an uplifting trip they took to Israel to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary.

One critical need they have is finding a place to rent and stay for the first few months of 2020. They do have arrangements for a couple months prior, but as yet have nothing for beyond. They hope to be able to locate in the area of Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina. If you are aware of anyone who usually goes south in the first few months of the year, perhaps they could contact Steve about any availability for renting or use of their home. Steve’s contact information is on the attached newsletter. Or you could contact Keith Dodd as chair of the missions committee.