A Conversation about Families & Technology

8:00-9:00pm Mar 24
Zoom Virtual Meeting

With special guests Andy and Amy Crouch!


We feel that one of the most important topics of the 21st century is understanding the influence technology has on us individually and on us as families.  Andy and Amy Crouch agree with that so much that they both wrote books on it! 

And we are incredibly excited to be hosting both of these authors for a live virtual conversation on this topic on March 24th!

But we don't just want to you hear from them... we want to get these books in your hands.  This is why we are offering free copies to anyone that would like one!  Fill out the form at the link below and we will get them to you ASAP! 

Andy's book walks you through his "ten commandments of technology" but also take a wider view on the topic and even looks at the very purpose of "family."  Amy gives a wonderful account of what it was like being raise in a house with these guidelines in place, and what she now realizes as she looks back.  

Both books are very honest.  This is not fantasy storytelling that glosses over the hard parts.  This is not a simple thing and Andy and Amy are open about benefits and challenges of their choices.  

Best of all, these are not extremist views.  These books are not "THROW AWAY YOUR PHONES NOW!"  They offer practical advice and get us asking better questions so we can make better choices.

This event is aimed at both parents AND teenagers.  Parents of kids all ages will find this conversation very helpful and teens will easily be able to relate to Amy's point of view and the challenges that she wrote about. 

The topic of how we use technology is always relevant, but  especially now as so many kids are at home and doing school virtually! 

As mentioned above, we will both  Andy's  AND  Amy's books available FREE to anyone interested in reading them!  Feel free to invite friends and family that would be interested.

You can click on the link below to sign up!