When to call the Parish Nurse

  • When you have received some test results or have been diagnosed with a condition that you have questions about or need support.
  • When you are facing surgery and may need support with medical equipment (walkers, shower chairs, etc.), meals – or a hospital or home visit.
  • When you are a new parent or have a baby.
  • When you have no one to go with you to your doctor’s appointment where you may be discussing treatments or potential surgery to manage a medical problem.
  • When you are looking for a second opinion referral (I have some good suggestions).
  • When you are struggling with a chronic illness and need to locate a support group.
  • When you have noticed changes in a loved one that may indicate a medical, emotional or cognitive problem.
  • When you have received bills or paperwork from a recent hospital or rehab stay, and you do not know what to sign or pay (I can help read through it and help you contact people to get answers).
  • When you want to pray with someone to seek healing and consolation.
  • When you need help transitioning a loved one into assisted living or skilled nursing care.
  • When you are caring for someone you love– we have an active, caring caregivers’ support group for you!
  • When you or someone you know is grieving the loss of a loved one.

HERE’S HOW! Susan Starke, MSN, CRNP 610-644-4040 ext. 207 susan.starke@good-samaritan.org