Dancers in Class

2019-2020 Class Schedule:  

Please find the year's schedule as a pdf here.

For dancers who are going to be performing in concerts or in worship the expectation is that the dancer will make all of the rehearsals running up to a particular performance. Please mark your schedules now!


3:45- 5:00pm         Ballet II  (advanced teens)      Mrs. Prestwood

5:00-5:30pm          Pointe                                     Mrs. Prestwood

5:45 -6:30pm         Creative Movement  (age 3-5 as of 9/1/19)   Miss Anna P & Miss Kate

5:45– 6:30pm         Children K1   (ages 5-7 as of 9/1/19)       - Miss Anna V & Miss Lily 

5:45 - 6:30pm        Hip Hop Kids  (ages 4-10 as of 9/1/19)      - Miss Kayla & Miss Heather, Miss Annika 

6:30-7:30pm          Intro to Ballet (ages 7-11 as of 9/1/19)     Miss Anna V & Miss Anna P 


5:45-6:45pm           Musical Theater Dance (open to ages 9+)     Miss Melody

6:45-8:00pm           Open Ballet (adults & advanced teens)    Mrs. Watkins

8:00-8:30pm           repertoire rehearsal       Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Evans


4:00 - 4:45pm          Progressing Ballet Technique  (Floor Barre)    Miss Melody

4:45 - 6:00pm          Ballet III (11+, with permission)    Miss Melody

6:00 - 6:30pm           Pointe   - Miss Melody 

6:30 - 7:30pm           Modern (Graham, Horton, Limone)    Miss Melody


9:15-10:30am         Ballet for Fitness* (adults – beginners welcome)   Mrs. Prestwood *on break until April
* this class runs separately from our school year calendar - please email to confirm  -

Dress Code for Girls

  • Leotard and tights
  • t-shirt or athletic-wear tank (for ages 8+)
  • leggings, athletic pants, culottes, gauchos or skirt
  • or knee length dress w/ leggings 
  • Hair tied back neatly in a bun for ballet or pointe (hair too short for a bun should be secured with a o headband or pins)
  • Please, no visible underarms, midriffs, low-cut tops
  • Pink ballet shoes for all ballet classes, bare feet for modern, non-marking CLEAN sneakers for Hip Hop, Musical Theater: character shoes AND soft shoes (ballet or jazz) 
  • Young girls may add a sheer ballet skirt OVER their leggings or culottes if desired, but no "princess" / dress-up dresses.  

Dress Code for Boys

  • long or short sleeve t-shirt (prefer no writing except GSDA logo)
  • Athletic shorts or pants  
  • Black, white or pink ballet shoes for ballet class 
  • bare feet for modern
  • CLEAN non-marking sneakers for Hip Hop