Pastoral Care

At Good Samaritan we encourage the understanding that “it takes a whole church to take care of a whole church.”  Jesus calls us all as Christian to love, pray for, and care for one another.  As we live into that understanding together, there are many ways to receive pastoral care as well as ways to serve in ministries that offer pastoral care to others.

Good Samaritan is blessed by the ministry of a Parish Nurse, Susan Starke.  If you do not know her or are unaware of the assistance she offers, she would be happy to meet with you.  She faithfully ministers to, advocates for, and visits those in our parish family who find themselves in the hospital, a rehabilitation center, or assisted care facilities.  Good Samaritan offers regular clergy visits and home communion visits as needed to those who are not able to attend church services. If you are wondering here is information on When To Call the Parish Nurse.

Walking the Mourner’s Path, a Christ-centered grief care program, is offered in the fall.  Our Parish Nurse facilitates regular meetings of a Caregivers’ support group, coordinates a Meals Ministry, and sends Friendly Visitors (not during Covid) out to those who want to develop relationships but aren’t able to get out of their homes.

Pastoral care is a part of all we do at Good Samaritan. Information about other ministries such as the Food Closet and Helps may be found at the Our Local Community tab on this web site.  All general questions about pastoral care may be directed to Susan Starke at 610-644-4040 x. 207 or