Return to In Person Worship

It's been a joy to see more and more people comfortable coming to worship in person. Now that the vaccine is available to everyone, I am looking forward to seeing that trend continue. Anybody who wishes to get the vaccine can now get it - so I expect that those who are planning to get vaccinated will have managed to do that within the next couple of months.

Rector's Warden Report

This quarter I had an experience which I believe symbolizes the wider experience we’ve been through as a Good Samaritan community. On February 11, 2021, Richard and I had one of our regular “walking meetings.” You may remember that February was the heart of the pandemic winter with several feet of snow on the ground from the end of January through early March.

On Being a Pandemic Student

Words like unprecedented and “new normal” have been floating around for over a year now. They have infiltrated not only our vocabulary but our lives. For most, the pandemic changed everything and for many college students, that was no exception.

Report from Water Mission

2020 was a remarkable year, remarkable for human tragedies and remarkable for generous humanitarianism, remarkable for injustice and conscience awakening.

Rector’s Warden’s Report

The 4th quarter of 2020 brought more changes to an already disrupted year.