Rector's Warden Report

On the surface, this past quarter has been one where we’ve all begun to experience a renewed sense of hope and momentum. More and more parishioners have been vaccinated. Masks are coming off.  We’re returning to in-person worship.  How exciting and wonderful it was to sing aloud in the sanctuary again after months of separated silence!

College Ministry in the Summer

Around June every year, we in the college ministry world (Katie and Dan) are often asked this question: “What do you do during the summer?” It’s a fair question. It is apparent that our professional lives follow the rhythm of the academic calendar, ebbing and flowing with fall and springs semesters. It makes sense that how we spend the summer is a mystery.  Do we find students taking summer classes?

To Mask or Not to Mask

It's been wonderful to see an increasing number of people back in church for in person worship. I've talked with a few people who have just come back in the last couple of Sundays. They had all been vaccinated for quite a while, but had got used to slow Sunday mornings and church in their p.j.s. They all talked about needing to reset the habit of coming in person - and were glad to be doing so!

Food Closet During Coronavirus

The Food Closet Leadership Team has put together a plan to change Food Closet operations to do drive-through service in response to concerns about the Corona Virus.

Vestry Corner July 2021

The Vestry meeting started with worship led by Fr. Peter and a lesson from Ephesians by Fr.

Missions: 2021 Supported Ministries

Each year the Good Samaritan Missions Committee prepares a yearly budget that includes the church's support for various local, national, and world-wide ministries.