Return to In Person Worship

It's been a joy to see more and more people comfortable coming to worship in person. Now that the vaccine is available to everyone, I am looking forward to seeing that trend continue. Anybody who wishes to get the vaccine can now get it - so I expect that those who are planning to get vaccinated will have managed to do that within the next couple of months.

Hebrews 10:25 encourages us: 'let us not give up meeting together'. Well, that's been pretty hard for the last year! But the opportunity is now opening up to get back together. I would encourage you, as you get the protection you choose, to resume meeting together in the way that verse encourages us to. We're all out of the habit of attending church 'in person' and so we need to form a new habit, Sunday by Sunday, of making in person church a part of our pattern of the weekend.

I know that many of you are still really enjoying church online, with pajamas, your pets and coffee on the ready. But it's not the same as seeing people face to face. Acts 2:46 describes the early church 'breaking bread and eating together with glad and sincere hearts.' For me, the gladness is definitely connected to the 'together'. I've been in a bit of a gladness drought for the past year as I've spent time looking into a camera, on the phone or on Zoom. None of that is a substitute for seeing you all in person. I miss you! You gladden my heart. We're designed to be together to be able to encourage one another and lift each other's spirits.

As we're looking at an increasing number of our community being vaccinated, we will be resuming 7:30am worship in the Chapel in addition to our 9am, 11am New Chapel and Evensong services. We're going to begin that at the beginning of June. By June all our seniors will have been vaccinated if they chose to, and the rest of us will be well on our way.

I'm trusting that by the fall we'll be permitted to sing in church again, have coffee and lunch in church again and most of the social distancing requirements will have been relaxed. So I'm looking forward to a great kick off Sunday on September 12th. Mark it in your schedules now!

But much sooner than that, I hope to see all of you back in church in person - if not this Sunday then certainly within a month or two. It's Spring, we're in the Easter Season. It's time for new life and a new start.