Update for Youth and Children's Ministries

I read somewhere recently that OVER communicating is better than UNDER communicating in times like this.... and I felt quite convicted!  There has a been a massive lack of communication coming from me and I sincerely apologize for that.  I hope you know that Kimberly and I are always just a call or email away.  But I am hoping that this is at least a step in the right direction!  

Today I wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page about what is currently happening, what we are offering, and what we are considering for the coming months for the YOUTH and CHILDREN'S Ministries here at Good Sam.  

First: We announced that "Phase I Protocols will be extended through January" ... however that may all come across as clear as mud, so allow me to simplify:  There will be NO IN-PERSON SERVICES, MEETINGS, OR EVENTS for all of January (and possibly beyond).  This means all Youth Group Small Groups will be meeting online (your small group leaders should be in touch with you about details). 

For the Children's Ministry, this doesn't change anything.  All programs have already been online and so things can simply continue.  The Good Sam Kids LIVE! events are scheduled for February 7, March 7, and April 11.  (Please remember you have to sign up each month so we can make the correct amount of packets.  You can actually start signing up for the FEBRUARY GSK LIVE! now!  Just Click Here!

As a reminder, Sunday morning childcare and children's programs will most likely not resume until the diocese moves to what they call "Phase III Protocols."  I'll reiterate this below, but we do not expect that to happen before September 2021 at the earliest, and it's more likely that it will be later than that.  

--BIBLES for 2nd (and 3rd) GRADERS!--
We usually give out "The Action Bible" to the 2nd Graders each year.  These take some of the stories from scripture and show them in graphic novel form.  This was actually a huge blessing to my daughter, and was the catalyst for her to dive deeper into what is now some of her favorite Bible Stories.  We actually already have them in the office at church and we don't want a pandemic to stop us!!! We can ether set up a time where you can pick them up, or  - if need be we can either drop them off or arrange them to be sent in the mail.  We offer these COMPLETELY FREE - we want to get this into your kid's hands!  

3rd GRADERS:  WE DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU!!!   Last year in all the craziness we didn't get a chance to get you your Bible!   We have one for YOU!   Please let us know how we can get them to you!!   



There are THREE events that we are trying to lock-in for the coming months.  (Note: These are very early in the planning stages, so they are not guaranteed to actually happen... but I figured you might be interested in hearing what is in the works.  Two of theses are virtual, and one is in person (fingers crossed that it will be possible):

(1) FAMILY QUIZ NIGHT: This is a virtual event for the whole family.  There will be prizes!!!  Hoping to schedule this for a Friday or Saturday in February.  A couple of us have recently done with another organization and it was a BLAST!  We think the whole family will enjoy this and will be a great way to connect while we are unable to meeting together in person.

(2) A CONVERSATION WITH ANDY & AMY CROUCH about TECHNOLOGY AND THE FAMILY:  This would be for parents(, and maybe teenagers as well).  The topic of how we use technology is always relevant, but especially as so many kids are at home and doing school virtually!  As part of this event, we will try to make their books (both Andy's AND Amy's) available at a discounted price - and possibly even FREE - to anyone interested in reading them!  We are aiming for this to happen sometime in March.

(3) FAMILY CAMPFIRE NIGHT! (the sequel): Our November Campfire night was a hit and we think it's going to be worth doing it again.  We are looking at a Friday or Saturday in either in MARCH or APRIL (or maybe both?!  We shall see...)   Stay tuned!


   It's too early to call if we will be able to do an in-person VBS or if it will be virtual (like it was this past year) - OR some sort of hybrid model....   The team is aiming to make this call right after EASTER, at which time we're hoping to have a better sense of where we are and what will be possible.  

   While some camps and mission organizations have started taking registrations, we're not yet feeling comfortable to lock in any plans for summer.  If we DO choose to do a youth trip in the summer, it would almost certainly be THE PHILADELPHIA PROJECT sometime in early July.  While we remain hopeful, we also want to be realistic.  We think this *AT BEST* has a 50/50 chance of happening. 

Presently, we are hoping to resume Sunday morning Children's Ministry classes AND weekly Youth Group in September 2021 - but we also know that it is very possible that this "welcome back" might have to be postponed to January 2022.  The one thing that I'm excited to be able to tell you is that we are working hard NOW to make sure that this "welcome back" will be a wonderful celebration and maybe even the beginning of some fun new initiatives in our ministries!  We will be keeping you informed as we get closer to these dates, but you are always welcome to schedule a call or zoom with either Kimberly Lindquist or myself.  We'll gladly chat 1-on-1 to go over what we are thinking through and hear your thoughts as well!

So as always, let us know if you have any questions of comments.
Know that we are praying for you.  
If there is anyway we can help you and your family, please let us know!