Women’s Fall Bible Study

Weds PM & Thurs AM Sep 16 - Nov 19
Zoom Virtual Meeting
The Gospel of Mark: Join us as we ask God how we can serve Him —like Christ did— in our church, our community, our nation, and in our world.

Good Sam Kids LIVE!

4:00pm Nov 1
Zoom Call

This is our monthly virtual redseaenvironment called Good Sam Kids LIVE!  We will be using ZOOM to have a fun interactive experience where we can all learn about God and the Bible together.  The program should last about 30-40 minutes and will include music, skits, and games along with a lesson from scripture.  Each month we will put together a "supply packet" that will include the materials for the crafts, a snack, and other t

Family Campfire Night

5:00-7:00pm Nov 14
Church Parking Lot

fireCome and roast some marshmallows with us!   On the evening of November 14th we are inviting you to come to the Church of the Good Samaritan and have a fun evening around the campfire!  (Well... actually... a bunch of campfires.)  

Pledge Sunday - Combined Service

10:30-11:30am Nov 29
Church and Live Stream

There will be just one service this Sunday - at 10:30am when we gather together as a whole church. The service will be available on our Youtube channel here, or you may choose to attend in person.


Advent Quiet Morning

9:30-11:30am Dec 5

John and Nina Whitnah will lead the Advent Quiet Morning.

All are  welcome!